Halo or Greensmoke: Which Is the Best Gift?

halo cigs review 036 Halo or Greensmoke: Which Is the Best Gift?

When looking for a gift for a friend, then there are numerous choices out there and one of the hottest gifts this season are the e-cigs. Two brands – Halo and Apollo are burning up the charts and we shall review both of them to see, which is the best gift.

Halo E-cigarettes (Click for Coupons)

Halo E-Cigs is one best e-cigarette brands manufactured in the USA and offers two lines of kits, the G6 and the Triton tank, all the ingredients used in the manufacture of their products are approved by the United States Foods and Drug Administration (FDA). Halo offers different innovative products which are excellently designed in different colors, accessories and an option for upgrading. Halo is no doubt the leader in e-liquids. G6 is Halo Cigs’s is available for starters and looks like the conventional cigarettes with a slow-dimming LED, or opt for the bright colors and anodized batteries that come in manual and automatic formats. G6 Start at $44.99 and you can further get them at a reduced price because of the alluring Promotional Discount Coupons offer. The Triton is Halo’s top product brand vGo model and is more suited for dedicated or experienced vapers. The Triton comes in 10+ attractive colors, including an ultra-cool metallic “Iridescence” version. You have a choice of choosing the type of battery power depending on your vaping requirements, there is the long lasting 450mAh or 650mAh with an option to upgrade to 900mAh or 1300mAh. Halo’s e-liquids are by far one of their strongest points, but it can be a little confusing trying to pick out the right flavors. With odd names such as ‘Torque56′ and ‘HX3′, it’s definitely not helping your choice.

Green Smoke (Click for Coupons)

Greensmoke is a big player in the e-cigarettes industry. They have been around since the early years of e-cigarettes and has a great reputaion. They offer a great product line of cigarette-like products and 6 awesome starter kits. They have 6 flavors that are all US made and truly replicates the flavors of your favorite traditional cigarettes. They have a very ultra cool portable charging case (PCC), which is used for storing the cartomizers and extra batteries. The ‘Standard’ Greensmoke already have a great battery that is strong enough to produce thick vapor and last for hours. But for some advance ecig smoker, this still performs under par but shifting to the ‘Extreme’ should definitely solve this problem.

In conclusion, the best option for a gift for a technologically-savvy and geeky person would undoubtedly be Halo and if you are planning to gift an e-cig kit to a layman then the best bet would be the Apollo kit.

V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review

v2 pro series 3 review 045 V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review

One of the reasons why V2 cigs is America’s #1 E-Cig Company, is their continuous innovations and launching of breakthrough products. They release their female targeted line with Vapor Couture, they release their powerful ex series last year and now, V2 cigs will once again impress you with their V2 Pro Series. The V2 Pro Series line has an advanced technology that no other E-cig in the market has. It offers the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 and will later launch Series 7 in the fall and Series 9 on January 2015. Let us review the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 and know exactly why this V2 Pro Series line will dominate the E-cig world in no time. Read on this review.

The V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 is V2 Cigs’ first ever take in a Vaporizer type. Vapers have long called V2 Cigs the best e-cigarette for beginners with their cig-a-like types but after a year or so of using an E-cigarette, most vapers begin to feel the urge to upgrade to something a little larger and a little powerful and V2 cigs doesn’t have anything for that audience. Until now. With V2 Cigs pro Series 3, you’ll get a powerful vaporizer with 650 mAh battery with interesting design cues from tech companies such as Apple and more importantly, something that no other E-cig can do today. And that is to handle E-liquid, Loose Leaf and Wax/Essential Oils.

These are the three most popular materials used when one vapes using a vaporize and before V2 Pro Series 3, vapers need to switch from one E-cig device to another just to vape these materials. With pro Series 3 you can do it in one device. This is because V2 Pro Series 3 has no threading attachments and instead supports three magnetic drop-in attachments where in you can put the cartridge type for e-liquid, loose leaf and essential oils. The e-cig also has this small dimple at the top that tells the V2 Pro Series 3 what type of cartridge you’re using and adjust the temperature it will use for each type.

Another massive advantage of V2 Pro Series 3 is its magnetic design that makes the E-cig unbreakable and will prevent any leakage. The magnetic charger is also incredibly convenient and will assure you that you’ll never use a wrong charge for your E-cig again. The V2 Pro works while charging and charges through a USB port or wall/car adapter.

So, we’ve ordered the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 Vaporizer a week ago for only $59.99 and we can say that we are amazed by the vaping experience we got from it. Throat hit chasers and vapers who love thick vapor would find that there’s no better E-cig than V2 pro Series 3 that can give them a superb performance, in a very affordable price, not to mention that you can still use coupons to purchase this in a more affordable price. Volcano Cig’s Lavatube comes close to the performance, however, the cost is more than half and V2 Pro Series batteries are much smaller (which means easier to hold) but still has the same power and battery life.

The V2 Pro Series 3 kit that sells at $59.99 does not include E-liquid and the Loose leaf and Wax cartridge. You still need to buy them separately, however, even if you tallied them all, the price is still much affordable compare to other Vaporizers around. It goes to say that V2 Pro Series 3 is an absolute must have. We are excited to see what the Pro Series 7 and 9 has in store for us. So what are you waiting for? Try V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 today and dont forget to use V2 cigs coupons in purchasing them. Click here to get some.